Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Backpacking, travelling, (traveling even)

This is a blatant advert for a website where I have photos published, under the name of Tom Hunt for some reason known only to the editor, Chris Stafford, who is related to me, being my son. So nepotism, corruption, breach of copyright and assuming a false identity notwithstanding, here's the plug. For touring Europe as a backpacker, student, walker, rail train, bus, coach ot air traveller, you need to look at Round Europe. It's irreverent, true (I went to John O'Groats with the editor so I know) and lots of fun. If you wouldn't dream of going to a hostel, preferring the sort of place where I imagine John Newton, of Newton's Notes in the Country Gentleman magazine (if he is real), would deign to rest his weary bones, then you should read this ... now I've forgotten the beginning of this sentence.


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